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i came,, i saw, i color-coordinated =) [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
scandaaLouuus ; ]

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yaaay =) [Nov. 22nd, 2004|03:56 pm]
scandaaLouuus ; ]
hiii guys ♥

I'm in mock trial being cool and updating my lj and doing what I do - - nothing. I'm talking to alan on aim express.. that is all.

Byeee <3
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brown sugar, how come you taste so good ? [Nov. 9th, 2004|06:55 pm]
scandaaLouuus ; ]
[m0od |complacentcomplacent]
[m-u-s-i-c ;o) |brown sugar - ryan adams]

Hello all B)

Having thursday off has to be the awesomest thing ever. It's like tomorrow (wednesday) is friday. And friday is also like friday because, well, it's FRIDAY. I have to go visit my uncle in virginia though, and I'm missing lindsay's party, and that is simply wretched.

Murph and I are taking on alexander's for hot stone massages next wednesday. I am soo relieved that we got our appointment before our gift certificates expired =) AND I get a male mesuse =)

I'm having a little girl's night at amber's tomorrow night. Yaaay. My mom is being very disagreeable however. Whatev.

We got parts in mock trial and welp, my side is all screwed up so it's between me and a freshman for a witness alternate, and everyone is just kind of assuming it's me but today me and the freshman went to our advisor and were like can YOU just pick one of us ? Tehe, I hope it's me though =P

Welp, have a fab night everyone ♥
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nooo more yanky my wanky [Oct. 18th, 2004|09:04 pm]
scandaaLouuus ; ]
[m0od |cheerfulcheerful]
[m-u-s-i-c ;o) |sixteen candles <3333]

hello pets ♥

on friday night i somehow got stuck going to the game in the POURING rain. well, we mostly hung out at kell's, but still. and then we went to mendo's and had a grand ol' time =D.

saturday morning. psat's. need i say more ?

then i set off for my annual fall getaway to wyalusing, which is in the endless mountains, which, as kelley so nicely put it 'is in the absolute middle of nowhere'. gaahhh, i got SO carsick. i am swearing off cartrips from now on. especially when my dad insists on taking the truck. so we went out for a nice dinner on saturday night and then to a cornmaze on sunday. i loove corn mazes <3. the girls never went to roba's to play flashlight tag with the abs on saturday night either so i'll get to go now =D.

today wasn't bad. i made mock trial = ). that was a big surprise but i'm happy i'll have something to do now. i'm not sure when it starts. i got out of my third period study and went to liza's bandroom study with kelley, emily, and christina. oooh, that was SOO much better than the study i was in.

at lunch on friday we played the name game !! <333. just like last year at the besssst lunch table everrr. not that i don't love the one i'm at now <3. it was soo funnay though. we were getting really into it and the rest of the cafeteria definitely noticed. all of a sudden someone would just be like 'OPRAAAAAAH !'. oh man, good stuff ; ].

apparently gina is taking everyone to kyoto for her birthday on saturday night. i REALLY wanna go but i think i'm babysitting. and normally i would cancel but murph and liza are going to ah's homecoming that night and i don't know if kell can go. so i don't even know what the point of going would be, other than that gina is the besttt. either way, i think we're still getting her a facial at alexander's.

welp, off to watch the rest of sixteen candles and then my gotti boys<33.

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(no subject) [May. 31st, 2004|09:05 pm]
scandaaLouuus ; ]
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